Water Filter Systems

Water Filter Systems for Coffee Machines are extremely important. Firstly your coffee machine needs protection from limescale or gypsum residue. Providing your customers with the best tasting espresso is the second part of filtration. This starts with the water you use…

Considering water makes up over 90% of an Espresso, let’s talk about water quality. For this reason it makes sense to ensure the water you’re using is as good as it can be. Australia is a large country geographically speaking, so there will be variables depending on location. This may determine the type of filtration required to produce clean and flavourful water for your espresso. For example the quality of water in Sydney compared to Brisbane and Perth is different. Therefore one size does not fit all when it comes to water filtration for coffee machines.

Water Testing

Testing the water quality is critical to ensure you have the correct filtration system for your specific location. With variables such as T.D.S, Total Hardness, Alkaline, pH and Chlorine testing, this provides accurate feedback. From testing we can determine the most appropriate filtration system based on these results for best flavour and to protect equipment.


Coffee machines require a certain level of water pressure to ensure they perform their best. Most coffee machines require a minimum of 4-6 bars of pressure before operating (9-12 bars during coffee extraction). If the pressure is too high it can place undue pressure on the system and potentially leak. Pressure limiting valves are a great way to regulate the pressure into coffee machines. Alternatively if the system does not receive enough water then the pump can run dry and cause issues also. This issue is generally occurs in coffee cart and mobile set ups where tank water is used. Booster pumps are a great way to ensure you have adequate water pressure for your coffee machine!

Equipment Componentry

With coffee machine manufacturers using different materials, this can also determine the filtration system required. For example some manufacturers use copper boilers whilst others use stainless steel boilers. Certain water filters are effective against limescale and gypsum residue which are more suited to stainless steel boilers. Furthermore to protect the equipment, some manufacturers recommend using Reverse Osmosis Systems for their coffee machines. For equipment compliance and prevent warranty voids, ensure your machine has the appropriate water filtration system.


After identifying the appropriate water filtration system for your coffee machine, capacity is the next aspect to think about. BWT water filters come in a range of sizes which is determined by their capacity. Therefore confirming the output of the filter or system is a must. For example how many litres or water will pass through the filter daily/monthly/yearly? Sometimes this is difficult to assess, so we can calculate based on how many kilograms of coffee per week instead. After the correct water filter and/or system is installed, it is recommended to change the filter/s based on manufacturer guidelines. This is generally 12 months from installation. However can be less depending on the system used and quality of water.

Still have questions?

If you are not sure which water filter or system you need please contact the team today. If you know which filter you need head over to the product page and order online now!