Q: What does Rainforest Alliance mean and stand for?

A: Rainforest Alliance Certified products refer to a branding or certificate where products are produced from certain regions around the world, in this particular case from farms harvesting coffee beans, where deforestation is prevented along with the promotion of replanting, working to conserve biodiversity as well as ensuring the sustainability of livelihoods and workplace conditions are improved for employees.

Q: Who is the regulatory body for ensuring the certificate is not incorrectly promoted?

A: ‘Rainforest Alliance’ is a non-government/not for profit organization that was founded in 1986. ‘Rainforest Alliance is an independent company that ensures their certification is the industry standard to ensure consumers the product they are purchasing has come from a region that has been officially listed as protected where deforestation does not take place. Only Rainforest Alliance can certify a product to use the logo and provide a certificate of authenticity.

Q: How is the certification obtained?

A: Our coffee bean roaster (Coffee Master) is responsible for ascertaining accreditation through Rainforest Alliances’ Head Office in New York. This process involves a thorough examination of the location where the bean is harvested to ensure the region is within an officially protected region. Across the world, Rainforest Alliance has listed over 157million acres as Certified which means only beans produced from specific regions throughout the world can be accredited to use the Certification and promote the logo and use of such good practices.

Q: Why should your company use Rainforest Certified products?

A: Your Company will be seen as proactively seeking alternative solutions to playing a greater role in preventing climate change as a result of using Rainforest Alliance Certified beans by the promotion of replantation, at the same time as alleviating poverty, reducing pesticides used in the growing process, and also providing housing and education for workers.