WMF 1500S +

WMF 1500S + Coffee Machine

The latest machine from WMF 1500s+ automatic coffee machine 2019 model to superseded the successful WMF 1500s.

With a 10-inch touch display, the new WMF 1500 S+ specialty machine offers all information at a glance. Geared towards medium-size coffee enterprises in a wide range of areas, as well as QSR, Functions.

Numerous templates ensure that a fully automatic machine fulfils the needs of all users visually, functionally, linguistically and tastes. The revolutionary Dynamic Coffee Assist permanently guarantees the highest quality of all espresso-based specialties offered by the WMF 1500S+. The automatic height-adjustable spout and a new Choc Mixer permit maximum ease of use and convenience.



  • New Hoppers
  • 10-inch touch display
  • New Chocolate mixer
  • Milk excellence sensor
  • Dynamic coffee assist
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Hot and Cold Milk/Foam
  • Practical Functions
  • Steam Jet
  • HAACP conform
  • 2.75kw  240v
  • H716 W325 D590
  • German built & Designed


  • Dynamic milk
  • Automatically height-adjustable spout
  • WMF CoffeeConnect
  • Blue tooth App control
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WMF 1500S+ super automatic coffee machine suitable for the corporate office market at the touch of a button