Victoria Arduino Mythos

Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 Grinder is the new generation of on-demand Coffee Grinders. Using the latest along with the highest level of technology.

Innovative Clima Pro technology along with Clump Crusher system to deliver the coffee consistently dose after dose.

Therefore allowing the Barista to deliver high-quality Espresso shots every time.

This grinder is very quiet, precise, fast & minimal wastage.

Suitable for High volume consumption, or the high demanding Barista

  • Colour: Black or White
  • Hopper size: 1.3kg
  • Power: 800W
  • Blades: 75mm
  • Cooling system
  • LCD display
  • Net weight: 25kg
  • H510 W188 D400
  • Made in Italy
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Victoria Arduino Mythos Grinder