Victoria Arduino Eagle One

Victoria Arduino Eagle One – The Future Begins

Eagle One was born in response to the New generation of Cafes where PERFORMANCE, DESIGN, and SUSTAINABILITY are deciding factors in the ability to be able to create a memorable experience.


Along with its stunning design sophisticated style! Has been developed to reduce environmental impact using new innovating technologies. Having a substantial impact inside the machine to correspondence with its new form.

This results in an extremely compact object, simple to use, minimal design with a new engine able to guarantee high performance and energy efficiency.

A completely new engine along with the patented technology this machine maintains a high level of productivity and performance, but consumption is considerably reduced. The LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) demonstrates how the Eagle One has a 23% less environmental impact concerning the same category machine.

TERS (Temperature Energy Recovery System) uses discharge water to pre-heat the incoming water. The result is an 8% saving on total machine consumption.



  • 2 & 3 groups
  • Multi boiler
  • Lever steam arms
  • Temperature Control
  • NEO (New Engine Optimisation)
  • TERS (Temperature Energy Recovery System)
  • Cool Touch Steam Arms
  • Display Touch
  • Customization available
  • App Control (Coming Soon)
  • 2 Group – H 437 W 758 D 576
  • 3 Group – H437 W 988 D 576
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