Puqpress Q2

PuqPress Q2 Automatic Tamper (GEN 5) is here…

With the updated design in the GEN 5, the Q2 is now more versatile than ever before so you can use all portafilters (including naked portafilters!)

The GEN 5 also sees an update in the head using a nano non stick head. This reduces static and coffee build up on the tamping head, therefore reducing cleaning time.

Adding to the latest design is the new stiffer frame, making this model perfect for high use sites.

The Puqpress Q2 Automatic Tamper can now boast a 3 year warranty and 1,000,000 tamps as part of the update and thanks to the new high output motor!

You can control the force used in the tamp by increments of 1kg, from 10kg to 30kg pressure.

It’s now even easier to offer a consistent tamp time and time again, no matter how many baristas are working!

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Puqpress Q2 Automatic Tamper (Gen 5) Specifications:

  • Pressure setting between 10kg-30kg
  • +/- 1kg adjustability
  • 1.3 second cycle timing
  • Perfectly level tampering, no channelling
  • Increased work flow efficiency
  • Reduce Barista injuries
  • 4kg weight
  • Fits perfectly between the grinder and machine
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Puqpress Q2 automated electronic coffee tamper for the cafe