Dalla Corte XT

The latest in the range from Dalla Corte is the New XT brings improved and cutting edge features.

Providing strength, consistency, precision all in one!

It now has Flow profiling allowing the Barista to regulate the flow during the extraction. Whilst still allowing for precise temperature control per group. XTreme accuracy in the weight system, real-time weight control during the coffee extraction, providing a higher quality end result in the Cup.

The Dalla Corte XT espresso machine has precise control of the temperature in every single group. Double the control, double the precision. The flow controller and probe can manage your temperature up to 0.1 degrees.


  • 2 or 3 groups
  • Flow Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Weight system in real-time
  • Multi Boiler
  • The option of an exchange of the group heads from standard 54mm to 58mm
  • Lever steam arms
  • Customization of the machine
  • 2 Group – H 525 W 730 D510
  • 3 Group – H525 W 940 D510
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