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  • Acaia Lunar Scale


    Acaia Lunar Scale


    – Accurate and fast – 20ms response time
    – Rechargeable USB power supply (lithium ion battery)
    – Durable and water-resistant (Do not allow scale to become immersed in liquid)
    – Firmware supported
    – Six Built-in Auto Modes: 1) Weighing Only; 2) Dual Display; 3) Auto-Tare/Auto-Start Timer; 4) Auto-tare; 5) Timer Starts with Flow; 6) Auto-Tare Timer Starts with Flow)
    – Mobile App compatible
    – Up to 20-30 hours of battery time


    Dimensions: 105mm (W) x 105mm (L) x 15.5mm (H)/ 4.13″ (W) x 4.13″ (L) x 0.61″ (H)
    Colour: Silver
    Weight: 270g/0.6lb
    Max. Capacity: 2kg/4.4lbs
    Min. Capacity: 0.1g
    Measuring Units: g/oz
    Reference Division: 0.01g
    Display: 8-digit LED
    Electrical Requirements: 5V/500mA
    Power and Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable 3.7V 1100mA
    USB: Micro-USB
    Linearity: +/-0.2g
    Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0


    – Silver Lunar Scale
    –¬†Lunar Heat Pad
    – 100g Calibration Weight
    – USB Charging Cable

  • Acaia Pearl S


    Acaia Pearl S

    New Features:

    – LED Display: Now shows a dot matrix to support the three different font sizes and an alphanumeric display.
    – Capacity: Increased to a 3kg capacity.
    – Internal Components: The support structure inside the scale has changed from plastic to metal, creating a more reinforced top and a slightly heavier scale.
    – Brightness Levels: There are four different brightness level options; low, medium, high, and bright.


    – Brewguide: Using the Brewguide app, you can easily transfer recipes from the app to the Pearl S and browse through verified recipes from roasters. Through the app you can update some settings on the scale, including turning the scale on/off, adjusting modes, units, temperature, and the auto-off timer.
    – Colour: White
    – Dimensions: 160mm (W) x 160mm (L) x 32mm (H)
    – Weight: 606g
    – Capacity: 3kg (Max. 3000g; Min. 0.1g)
    – Measuring Units: oz / g
    – Permissible Error Range: +/- 0.2g
    – Increments: 0.1g
    – Display: LED Dot Matrix Display
    – Battery: Lithium Ion, USB Rechargeable
    – Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
    – Warranty: 12 Months
    – Included Parts: 1 x Pearl Model S Scale, 1 x Heat resistant pad, 1 x Micro-USB cable