Private Label Coffee

Private label coffee / Contract Roasting / Or anything else you want to call it…
It all starts with you and your brand. Use our resources and expertise to provide the last piece of your brand for your business. You already provide a unique food offering, along with customer experience and service of knowing names and orders. That just leaves the last piece of your brand to ensure you continue to grow your brand and your business – coffee! Find out how Concept Coffee can help you continue to build your brand, not some other coffee brand.

How does it work?


  1. Choose your coffee blend from our current offering or chat to our roaster and create something unique.
  2. Using your brand & logo we can create a label or coffee bags designed specifically for you.
  3. Test and choose your coffee equipment from our range.
  4. Install the equipment and start promoting your coffee brand alongside your food and your service!

Why should you use ‘your branded’ coffee rather than a big name coffee brand?

We think this answer is quite simple. You started your entrepreneurship with a goal of creating a successful business that is unique within its offerings. Providing a food menu with your flare, coupled with service and a customer experience that keeps customers wanting more. So why would you stop your brand there and pay to build another coffee brand?

Perhaps the answer is simply not having the time or knowledge to ensure the coffee, packaging and service is on point. Or even the hassle of finding the best equipment and having to organise installation and service is the issue. At Concept Coffee this is our job, it’s what we are good at which allows you to focus on what you are good at.

Here are a few of the benefits of working with Concept Coffee;

  • Consistency – from sourcing green beans and roasting to providing on time delivery and service, Concept Coffee is here to make sure life is easier.
  • Support – we believe the big brands lose sight of this and things begin to be overlooked. Offering Baristas for emergency situations and in house Service Technicians for breakdowns and routine maintenance is part of our support for our partners.
  • Equipment – with our industry knowledge and access to all major brands, you can be sure the best equipment for your business will be utilised. Part of the equipment process is ensuring you and your barista/s have the perfect workflow.
  • Service – from the initial product sourcing/branding to the weekly delivery, to the scheduled maintenance, everything is about service for us.
  • Training – with leading equipment on display and ready to use every day, Concept Coffee can help train any staff member or potential staff member of your business. From the basics of dosing and extracting to the finer skills of multitasking with single origin coffee and pour over. Concept Coffee is here to help.
  • Flexibility – This is a key focus point because every café or coffee shop has that point of difference and requires something more or less. Sometimes it’s using a specific coffee machine or grinder, or even a custom colour or branding the coffee machine (yes we can brand your machine as well as your coffee bags!)
  • Advantages – working with larger brands can make you feel like a number. With attention to detail and through continued service, Concept Coffee provides significant advantages for its coffee partners

Still wanting to know more about Private Label Coffee or how Concept Coffee can help your business? Contact the team today and let’s get it done!