Coffee Machine Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance VS Reactive…

Coffee Machine Maintenance can be done a couple of different ways. Whilst there can be pros and cons for both theories, most business owners would agree surprises are no fun when it comes to equipment. Especially when equipment breaks down. Staying ahead of potential issues and minimising or even avoiding them keeps everyone happy. So how do we achieve this?

Planning scheduled or preventative maintenance is the best way

The best way to think of preventative maintenance is to think of your car. Every 6 or 12 months most cars require a check of fluids, brakes, tyres, safety and general operation. This gives the mechanic an opportunity to find any potential issues that may be arising. For example if the brakes are wearing thin perhaps they require changing?! Changing the brake pads in sufficient time will prevent further damage. For example changing the brake pads prior to failure is an obvious event you want to prevent.

Now back to coffee machines. If a coffee machine technician checks a machine every 6 or 12 months then they will have an opportunity to check the components for optimal performance. This includes the machines pressure for coffee and steam, temperature regulation, water flow, general cleanliness and more. If the technician is scheduled every 6 months this allows for planning ahead and advising what is likely to be involved in the next service. For example, if the group head gaskets were changed 6 months ago, they may not require changing today. Then the technician can advise the owner they need changing next time. This will provide the owner 6 months notice for this particular part.

Outcome from Preventative Maintenance:

Two main achievements here. Firstly, it reassures the owner of the performance of the equipment, rather then hoping it works. Secondly, it provides the owner with the opportunity to plan and budget in advance. Achieving these two aspects is an important step in the operation of a cafĂ© or coffee shop. At the end of the day when breakdowns occur, we all know how expensive they can be for parts and labour. The potential loss of business can also be costly because the coffee machine isn’t working. Therefore the more we can do to prevent downtime the better. Not to mention ensuring the equipment produces the best coffee consistently. If we can achieve both at the same time why wouldn’t we?!

With so many different coffee machines and grinders out there some require more TLC. If you are not sure what machine or model you have or if you want to book a service for your machine or grinder please contact the team at Concept Coffee today. Coffee Machine Maintenance does vary depending on how much coffee or volume your venue uses. Knowing this allows us to structure a Preventative Maintenance Program in no time specific to your needs.