Coffee Machine Installation

Coffee machine installation may be the final step in establishing your café. Or perhaps you need to upgrade the current equipment to produce more coffee in less time. Whatever your reason, following a few key steps will ensure workflow is optimised and you have a safe set up. First of all after you have selected the appropriate equipment for your venue, you need a check list for installation.

With technology advancing and so many accessories available it can be confusing so let us help. Every café and space is different so we understand some cafe’s may have different requirements or requests. For example if you have less space, using a PuqPress “M2” will save space and increase speed because it sits perfectly under the Mythos grinder.

1. Equipment selection and testing

Set up the equipment correctly before delivery. Your coffee supplier should have a recipe to produce the best flavour from a particular coffee blend or single origin. Adequate power supply and connection is a must for safety. Electrical current required for a coffee machine can easily cause a fire or safety issue if fittings are not fitted correctly so please take this step serious. This means using a recommended safety plug for the machines amperage to prevent an overload.

2. Workflow

After testing, delivery, and electrical compliance comes the location of the machine/grinder/accessories. This step requires consideration to ensure staff can produce coffee efficiently. Always consider customer interaction and traffic flow too. Ask yourself how and where customers will order and collect food/beverages.

Once you have the location of the coffee machine, the grinder and tamper should be one side to commence the coffee process. This should then determine where the other accessories should be. For example the milk jug rinser and pouring station should be close together to optimise speed and service. Your Barista will be able to finish pouring coffees, clean and refill jugs in no time at all without leaving the coffee bar

3. Water Filtration

One more critical step in the coffee machine installation process and perhaps the most important one…FILTRATION! For so many reasons water filtration is a must. To keep it simple let’s say it prevents bad water getting into the coffee machine. Firstly this helps to prevent limescale build up which extends the life of the coffee machine. Secondly, because cleaner water is flowing, you will be serving better tasting coffee. Because there are basic water filters and complete reverse osmosis systems available, please check the water filtration page to help decide the appropriate system for your site.

4. Drainage

If you’re planning on serving a few coffees per hour or a few hundred, make sure drainage is done right the first time. Peak times and cleaning cycles of the coffee machine will see a lot of water through the drainage which means you need appropriate drainage. To prevent any drains becoming blocked or the drip tray of the coffee machine overflowing, always ensure all pipes run downwards. This is a simple aspect that should not be overlooked.

5. Final thoughts

If you have any questions or simply not sure about a particular aspect please contact the team at Concept Coffee and one of the staff will gladly help. Please keep in mind the above information is general in nature and each venue may have special requirements to ensure the best installation is provided.

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