About us

The vision of producing speciality coffee in Caf├ęs and providing the Office market with premium coffee is the driving factor for Concept Coffee.

That the cup of goodness we love so much is forever changing and always evolving with countless brew techniques and industry-leading technology allowing Concept Coffee to share its knowledge and skills with clients to continue the passion through clients and their staff.

Concept Coffee works individually with Cafes to ensure the Coffee Bar is an optimal place not only for customers to enjoy but for staff also which is a major factor to ensure the workstation is efficient and primed to produce the best coffee all day every day.

Bridging the gap between the average coffee once from an “automatic” coffee machine in the office to providing speciality coffee is something Concept Coffee has spent countless hours during research and development to which we can now confidently say it has been done and this is an option for your office! The days of instant/average coffee from an automatic machine are over and the day of speciality coffee in the office is here!