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Concept Coffee strives on providing a complete solution for any Office, Cafe or Restaurant's coffee problem or simply to improve the current situation to generate more sales, a higher quality service, or better tasting beverages.

From establishing a new Cafe, Office or Restaurant or whether its to replace or upgrade current equipment, Concept Coffee can walk you through the process step by step for all equipment and product requirements.

We understand your Cafe has to be different and you can be with the machines we work with, they are not only bullet proof, but can be customised to suit your personal style or achieve that talking point of the Cafe. We also understand each Office has slightly different requirements therefore one automatic machine is not for every Office, so we supply a range of the best automatic machines for Offices whether it's for 10, 50 or even over 1000 staff.

Automatic coffee machines, commercial or traditional machines, or even domestic coffee machines is what we specialise in, so for the best solution to your individual needs, contact us at Concept Coffee and we'll provide you with the best possible service. Send an email to or call 1300 73 53 37 for further information to tailor a solution for your situation.

A few options we have:

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