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In focus this month at Concept Coffee;

Package Specials!

For the Office, Cafe or domestic coffee lover, Concept Coffee is offerring specials on all package deals and upgrades throughout the month of August!

Whether your Cafe needs a machine, boutique coffee, chai latte or drinking chocolate to the service of coffee machines or cleaning products Concept Coffee has a package that can be designed for your specific needs! Perhaps the office coffee machine is getting on and needs replacing? Concept Coffee has great specials currently on coffee machines for the office, along with coffee beans, drinking chocolate and cleaning products for all automatic coffee machines. Not to forget the service work of all coffee machines throughout Sydney!


Also maintaining its position in the spotlight due to popular demand in the Office market is the impressive Schaerer Prime Coffee Machine!

Now available for order and delivery!

This is the latest from the innovative Swiss Company Schaerer.

Possibly the most energy efficient automatic coffee machine with its clever 'sleep' mode to conserve energy when not is use!

It's simple cleaning procedure ensures the machine stays at its prime for providing the best coffee beverages from an automatic machine.

7 inch touch screen display provides the user with ease to navigate to select the desired beverage or perhaps 'Personalised' beverage due to the programmable capabilites of up to 40+ beverages so design your own drink and label it with your name!                                                                                   

Versatility is second to none with capabilities of producing stunning quality for the Espresso or Long Black connoissuer through to the Cappuccino lover without leaving the Hot Chocolate or the ever increasing Chai Latte drinker out by producing what we believe is the best Chai Latte from an automatic machine to date!  

This machine is not only the economically sound choice for the Office but the most complete solution for the Office to keep all employees happy and productive!                                                                                                                                                                          

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